FBCL Assessment on the Busiest Day of the Year at the Blue Water Bridge – November 26, 2016


OTTAWA, (Nov. 26, 2016) /CNW/ – The Federal Bridge Corporation Limited (FBCL) has exceeded its expectations in response to Black Friday traffic, contrary to the Union’s assertion that it would be unable of handling the situation.

Micheline Dubé, President and Chief Executive Officer, FBCL said Saturday morning that, “Our managerial and non-union staff have done an excellent job since the beginning of the labour disruption and with the heavy traffic volumes over the last two days. We are particularly pleased with the positive comments made directly to toll attendants by bridge users on their constructive attitude and effectiveness. Again, the Corporation has made a generous comprehensive package to the bargaining unit for consideration, including a general wage increase, increased shift premiums and additional leave benefits and that  despite repeated public comments to the contrary, FBCL is not seeking any major concession or changes to benefits, maternal/paternal leave policies, overtime or scheduling policies nor pensions”.

FBCL is vested in the communities of Point Edward and Sarnia. It has an imposing physical presence with a huge asset that is the international bridge and a dedicated local staff of 69 employees, 47 of which are unionized. Since its amalgamation in 2015, FBCL has increased its workforce at this location, created new operational positions, staffed all open jobs and centralized the Corporation’s IT infrastructure.

While the union is busy seeking support for its questionable tactics, FBCL is prepared to continue operating the bridge as long as the awaited call from the Union does not materialize.  Our one and only objective is to get all our staff back to work as soon as possible.

Again, FBCL recognizes that a strike is not in the best interest of its employees and their families, but the Corporation reiterates that the current 10% wage and benefits increase offer rejected last week included a general wage increase, increased shift premiums and additional leave benefits

FBCL amalgamated with the Blue Water Bridge Authority in February 2015. The current Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) local 501 contract expired pre-amalgamation in November 2014.

(Note: The latest offer is available to stakeholders and the public at www.federalbridge.ca/work-disruption-at-the-blue-water-bridge-agreed-proposal-final-offer-november-2016).

For more information:
André Girard
Federal Bridge Corporation
613 366-5074 x 121 – Ottawa
519 336-2720 x 121 – Point Edward

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