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OTTAWA, April 17, 2018 /CNW/ – The Federal Bridge Corporation Limited (FBCL) continues its bridge corridor improvements at the Seaway International Bridge and announced today the next series of projects, including enhancements to the international roadway on Cornwall Island and the demolition of the original high-level North Channel Bridge in-water piers.

During the past year, FBCL has been working with the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne (MCA) and the Seaway International Bridge Corporation (SIBC) to design roadway and corridor improvements. This project is meant to upgrade the corridor roadway system, by efficiently managing traffic flow and allowing better access and turning lanes for businesses and residents on the Island. Along with the roadway developments, new roadway lighting and a new set of traffic lights are being incorporated at the main intersection. Work on the Cornwall Island roadway reconstruction is expected to start in mid-May.

The demolition of the three remaining in-water piers will be tendered later this year for an anticipated completion in 2020.  This work was planned as part of the original bridge replacement project and the commitment reaffirmed in 2015 by FBCL’s president and Chief Executive Officer, Micheline Dubé. For environmental reasons (such as fish spawning, river habitat and pollution control), the in-water piers cannot be completely removed, but will be reduced to a height of approximately 2 metres above water level.

The original bridge replacement project plan also called for an existing pier (Pier 3s), located east of the north abutment of the new low-level North Channel Bridge, to remain in place as a historical preservation effort of the original high-level North Channel Bridge that served as a community link for over 60 years. A new accessible lookout linked to the recreational pathway and overseeing the river has been installed. Mme. Dubé stated that, “throughout all of our projects, FBCL has made it a point to work closely with the communities of Cornwall and Akwesasne to ensure strong support for both bridge operations and community needs.”

Once finished, this project will complete an $85 million investment by FBCL and the Government of Canada on the North Channel Bridge Replacement project.  The project included the construction of the Canal Bridge and new low-level North Channel Bridge, the demolition of the original high-level North Channel Bridge structure and piers, the Brookdale Avenue roadway reconstruction, Cornwall Island roadway reconstruction and demolition of the original high-level North Channel Bridge in-water piers.