Summary of Canadian Operations

OperationsHeadquartersBlue Water Bridge Thousand Islands International BridgeSault Ste. Marie International BridgeSeaway International Bridge Crossing
Location in OntarioOttawaPoint EdwardLansdowneSault Ste. MarieCornwall
Corporate StatusIncorporated in 2015 as CBCA corporation

2015 amalgamation with SMRBC and BWBA

Incorporated in 1962, continued in 1979 as a CBCA corporation.
Board of DirectorsSeven Directors appointed by Governor in Council.Eight Directors, four Canadians; four U.S., appointed by FBCL. SLSDC recommends U.S. Directors for appointment.
International Agreement and OversightFBCL/TIBA

TIBA operates

U.S. Chair and six Directors, three U.S; three Canadian, appointed by Jefferson County. FBCL recommends Canadian Directors for appointment.

MDOT-IBA operates

Eight Directors appointed equally by each owner to The Sault Ste. Marie Bridge Authority (SSMBA).

SIBC operates
Bridge Ownership · 50% of twin bridges· 100% Canadian Bridge · 50% rift bridge· 50% of international bridge · 100% North Channel Bridge
· 32% South Channel Bridge
ActivitiesPortfolio Management

International Agreement oversight

Engineering, inspections and capital projects for all bridges
Leases and licenses including Duty Free

Currency exchange

CBSA and CFIA facilities
Leases and licenses including Duty Free

Leases and licenses including Duty Free

CBSA and CFIA facilities
Leases and licenses including Duty Free

CBSA facilities operations
Leases and licenses