Work disruption at the Blue Water Bridge – “The Union needs to come clean”

OTTAWA, (Nov. 29, 2016) /CNW/ – Already into its second week, and with no talks scheduled, the Federal Bridge Corporation Limited (FBCL) is asking the Union to come clean on its offer to the unionized employees at the Blue Water Bridge.

Spokesperson André Girard said, “The Union has publicly misinformed its members about the offer, which is posted on the Corporation’s website, and they should set the record straight.  At this point, the Union should be meeting with its bargaining unit members to again review the Employer’s offer to the employees.”

Just weeks before Christmas, and with the major traffic spikes behind it until Spring, FBCL maintains that the Union’s position is impacting their employees and their families.

Micheline Dubé, FBCL President and CEO, expressed disappointment that the Union failed to accept or present its offer of over 10% in wages and benefits to their rank and file members before engaging in strike action.

She said, “The employees would have already been in the 3rd year of the contract, and would have had an immediate raise of 4.25%, plus back pay from 2014 and more paid time off to spend with family and friends.  This is the type of offer that is very rare these days.”

The Union has publicly stated that the Corporation is seeking major concessions especially to its benefits package.  FBCL has denied these accusations repeatedly in the media, to the mediator, at the negotiating table and in writing, as per the employer’s current proposal.  The benefits package is certainly superior to that offered by most employers.  The Corporation pays 100% of the premiums and there are no co-insurance or deductibles applied.  In addition, the plan is equally offered to part-time employees and retirees.  Contrary to the Union’s rhetoric, there are no major concessions being requested by FBCL.